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PuttBANDIT LP marker - Features and benefits

Customer-led innovation

In our 2022 customer survey, users of the PuttBANDIT golf ball marker, told us they wanted a smaller, thinner, more robust alignment marker to improve on our PuttBANDIT Classic debut design. The PuttBANDIT LP low profile marker was the result.

A row of 4 PuttBANDIT LP alignment golf ball markers above a row of 4 PuttBANDIT Classic ball markers for comparison.

From user suggestion to new design

We fired up our CAD workstation and modified the Classic design, thinning it down to create a lower profile on the green, slimmer than a pound coin. We also shortened the anchor pin that enables rules compliant line adjustment and made the alignment stripes even better with metal outlines and high gloss enamel.

A profile view of a golf ball on grass with a PuttBANDIT LP low profile alignment golf ball marker next to it.

A casting of thousands

To improve strength and adjustment stability, we manufactured the marker in die cast metal, electro-plating for a polished smooth adjustment glide, and applied oven-baked coloured enamels to improve contrast and visibility from distance.

The polished baseplate of a PuttBANDIT LP alignment golf ball marker alongside a profile view shoing the marker's anchor pin.

User designed and tested

100 prototypes were produced and sent to our customer test team for their feedback and reviews on the features and benefits of our new design. The PuttBANDIT LP alignment marker is now our best-selling marker since we launched our company in 2021.


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