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  • Does a ball marker have to be round?
    No it does not. The R&A and USGA rules defines a ball marker as: “An artificial object when used to mark the spot of your ball to be lifted, such as a tee, a coin, an object made to be a ball-marker or another small piece of equipment. However, if the marker has a line for alignment, equipment rule 6.7 – Definition of Alignment Device and Treatment of Ball-Markers (Rule 4.3) sets maximum size limits and dimensions on golf ball markers and their features so they conform to rules and are not considered to be alignment aids. The PuttBANDIT has been examined by the R&A and ruled to conform to the rules of golf.
  • What is the PuttBANDIT Golf Team?
    The PuttBANDIT Golf Team is our free subscriber benefits program for improvement-minded golfers. You'll receive our monthly email newsletter and a range of team member benefits including invitations to golf quizzes, surveys and competitions with prize draws, and customers get opportunities to join our product test team and receive upgrade discounts. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Is the PuttBANDIT legal?
    YES it is. We made sure that the PuttBANDIT and prior prototypes were all examined for rules conformity by the R&A, the governing authority of golf: “Puttbandit has been examined and ruled to conform to the Rules of Golf. The use of Puttbandit during the course of a stipulated round would not be contrary to Rule 4.3 (Use of Equipment) of the Rules of Golf and the associated Part 6, (section 7) of the 2020 Equipment Rules.” You should always use a golf ball marker in a way compliant with the Rules of Golf. Follow the instructions supplied with your PuttBANDIT or read the How to use a PuttBANDIT blog.
  • Will a PuttBANDIT marker help my putting?
    Yes, we believe it will if used correctly. Our annual customer surveys show marked improvement for the majority of PuttBANDIT customers.
  • Where can I buy a PuttBANDIT?
    The PuttBANDIT alignment ball marker range is currently available in the UK from our shop at and from from the Amazon UK store. New markets will be announced on our websites as they launch.
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