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How many golfers use a golf ball alignment line?

A golfer celebrating as the golf ball drops into the cup

A PuttBANDIT survey conducted in the summer of 2023 found that 71% of UK golfers use a line on their golf ball when putting. 82% of of golfers surveyed used the golf ball alignment line to target most of their putts.

A column chart from a PuttBANDIT golf survey showing use of a golf ball alignment line for putting accuracy

In 2022 a PuttBANDIT customer survey found that 42% of respondents draw their own line with a stencil, 36% used the ball manufacturer’s brand name or pre-printed line and 22% used balls specifically designed for alignment such as Callaway Triple Track, Srixon Divide, TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe and TP5 Pix.


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